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Company Information

PARAGARD Direct is a trade name/DBA of Integrated Commercialization Solutions, Inc. (ICS)

PARAGARD Direct distributes PARAGARD®, which is manufactured and marketed by CooperSurgical, Inc.

For more information about PARAGARD®, please visit  For more information about CooperSurgical, Inc., please visit

ICS is a subsidiary of AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group, Inc. For more information about ICS and AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group, Inc., please visit and



FAQ’s about CooperSurgical

Who is CooperSurgical?

CooperSurgical is a well established women’s medical device manufacturer that has been providing women’s healthcare professionals with medical devices for 27 years.  They are based in Trumbull, Connecticut and manufacture over 600 medical devices utilized primarily by OBGYNs wherever they practice – in offices, labor & delivery and surgery. Through an aggressive acquisition and diversification strategy, CooperSurgical is a leading family health related company with an unparalleled Women’s Health, In vitro Fertilization (IFV), and Reproductive Genomics portfolio.

Will this impact my ability to order PARAGARD® for my patients?

Not at all.  Beyond the ownership transfer of PARAGARD® there will be no other changes to the products manufacturing, distribution, sales, and marketing operations.

Will my contract pricing still be available?

Yes.  There are no changes planned for contract pricing.

Is Cooper Surgical now the Sole Source Provider of PARAGARD® within the United States?

Yes.  CooperSurgical is now the sole source for PARAGARD® in the United States.

Can PARAGARD® now be purchased outside of the United States?

PARAGARD® is only available for sale in the United States.

What should I do if I have a replacement?

Please follow the same procedure for replacement of product as Teva had in place for PARAGARD®.

Do I still get a one-time exception for a replacement if I no longer have the unit to return?

The one-time exception for product replacement without the unit to return is still in effect.

Where can I request marketing materials for my office?

Marketing materials for your office can be obtained through the same resources you have been using with Teva.  There is no change planned for fulfillment of marketing materials.

Will my order still be shipped via UPS?

Orders will continue to be shipped via UPS.

Will CooperSurgical allow retail pharmacies to purchase PARAGARD® ?

Point of purchase for PARAGARD® will not change.  Since the product needs a prescription and a clinician to insert the device, the healthcare facility (office, clinic, hospital, etc.) where the OBGYN practices will continue to be the point of sale. Practices can also use PARAGARD’s Specialty Pharmacy option through Biologics.

Will my non-governmental facility now be eligible for drop-ship?

The PARAGARD® drop-shipping policy and eligibility will not change with new ownership.


PARAGARD® is a registered trademark, and PARAGARD DirectTM is a trademark of CooperSurgical, Inc.

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